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Driving in the rain can be made more dangerous than it has to be for several obvious reasons: driving too fast, improper use of wipers, poor tire traction. However another reason you may not yet be aware of is using cruise control.

Wet roads are dangerous due to rainwater lifting the oil and grease on the road to the top of the water, creating a slippery, ice-like condition on the road. This can be made much worse if your tires can't tread through the water fast enough. When this happens, it's called Hydroplaning, and it can happen at speeds as low as 50 KPH. HOW IS CRUISE CONTROL DANGEREOUS?
Cruise control makes hydroplaning worse by trying to keep your vehicle going at a constant speed. You can disable it by applying the brake, but if your vehicle does not have anti-lock brakes, using them while hydroplaning will only make the skidding worse. When you're driving on wet roads, disable your cruise control and lower your speed.

If you do start to skid or hydroplane, take your foot off the gas, grasp the steering wheel with both hands, and steer toward the direction of the skid. Once you have some control you can correct your car and get centered back in your lane.

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