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Whether they're used during rain, sleet, hail, snow or to clean off residue, ensuring you have properly functioning windsheild wiper blades is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, ways to be safe on the roads.

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STEP 1. Determine the size you need.
This can either be done manually by measuring your existing wiper blades, or by referring to your vehicles manual. You can also use this helpful link to find your specific vehicles make, model, and year to determine the size.

Change windshield Wiper blades

STEP 2. Remove the old wiper blades
First, pull the wipers up, so that they remain vertical. Then turn the blade perpendicular to the arm so that the hinge is visible. You'll notice a small tab on one side of the hinge. Pull that tab out (if your tab appears broken, you can use a key to pop out the remaining nub) and then pull the wiper down, towards the car.

Now that the blade and arm are separated, remove the blade through one of the holes on the blade. With the blade removed, the wiper arms are now unprotected metal, so you should rest them back down with a towel between the metal and your windshield.

Wiper blade auto Parts St. Catharines

Attach new wiper blades
Take the new wiper, and insert the arm through the appropriate hole, so that it pushes the actual wiper up. To determine which hole it goes through, adjust the hinge to be perpendicular to the wiper and line it up so that the arm's hook will go over the hinge. Once the arm is inside the hole, just line the hook over the hinge and push them together. You'll hear and feel a click when it's snapped in. Lower the arm gently and repeat steps 2+3 with the other wiper.

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