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Everyone knows the feeling of getting smacked in the face with hot air when opening a car door in the summertime, but there are things we can do to avoid getting scorched.

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How to keep your car cool in the summer

1. Park in the shade
The most effective way to reduce the temperatures inside your car is to park it indoors or under shade whenever possible, even if that means having to walk a little further after parking. It's worth it!

2. Use a sunshade
Most of the heat enters your car through your windshield, so blocking the suns rays when the car is not in use is a tried and true method to keep the temperatures down inside your car.

3. Keep windows slightly cracked
While we don't encourage leaving your windows open more than a couple inches for safety reasons, even a small crack on a couple windows can have a significant impact on the interior temperatures of a vehicle thanks to ventilation.
4. Use a solar powered mini fan
Especially when used in combination with cracked windows, an inexpensive solar powered fan left inside your car while it's not in use can do wonders for the interior temperature, even on the hottest summer days.

5. Let it air out
No matter what you do, the temperatures will be higher inside your car than outside the car so before climbing in, make sure to open up a couple doors and wait 30 seconds for the hot air to escape. This is a must do before loading up the kids or pets.

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