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Driving in winter is more dangerous than all other seasons, but there is plenty we can do as responsible drivers to help reduce the risk.

Need snow tires? We offer a variety of new and used snow tires in St. Catharines.

1. The toonie test.
Check your winter tires for tread depth by placing a toonie between your treads. If the tread reaches the polar bear’s paws, your tires have lots of tread left. If the silver part of the toonie is covered by the tread, your tires are about half worn. If the tread reaches only as far as the letters (‘CANADA’ or ‘DOLLARS’), your tires are worn and need to be replaced right away.
Need new winter tires? Click here. 2. Keep your distance.
Slick roads means you need more room to stop in case of emergency braking. Don't follow the vehicle in front of you too closely, try and keep back 200 metres whenever possible.

3. Clear your windows.
Driving with an obstructed view caused by ice and snow build up is illegal for a reason, it's very dangerous! Give yourself time to clear all windows mirrors and lights before driving your vehicle.
4. Lay off the cruise control.
Maintain manual control over your vehicles speed when roads are slick, especially on ice and snow. Learn more about hydroplaning here.

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