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Whether winter is coming or if it's already here, it's never too late or too early to start considering using winter tires on your vehicle.

Need winter tires? We offer a variety of new and used snow tires in St. Catharines.

winter tires st. catharines

1. Not just for snow and ice
There doesn't need to be any accumulation of snow or ice on the roads for winter tires to show their worth. Once the temperature drops below 7 degrees celsius, all season and summer performance tires become much less effective. This is because they become very hard in cold temperatures, and since effective traction relies on tires being soft and malleable against the roads surface, hard tires can be a recipe for disaster.

Even on dry clear roads, winter tires work better in the winter. 2. Longer tire life
Switching to a set of winter tires extends the life of your all season tires. While you're driving in the cold months with your winter tires, your all seasons are stored in the garage saving their tread.

3. Stopping power
The third and most important reason to use winter tires is directly related to safety. A good set of winter tires can easily trim down your stopping distance by 30 feet on the snow.

How long is 30 feet on the road? It's about the length of two Ford Focus', or the approx distance across a small intersection. When you need to break in an emergency situation during the winter, that 30 feet can literally be the difference between life and death.

Read about other benefits of buying winter tires.

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