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Planning a summer road trip? Summer comes with its own potential hazards such as increased traffic, wildlife and overheating.

Always have an emergency kit stored in your trunk with all the necessities you need when facing a potentially dangerous situation. Below are some of the items we feel are must haves in your kit:

Visibility Equipment
Flares are ideal, but if you're looking for something more basic, reflective hazard triangles are the next best thing. When you're stuck on the side of the road you want to be clearly seen by the increased traffic wizzing by.

If you get lost or broken down for an extended period on a hot day, you'll thank yourself for storing a few extra bottles in your kit. Warm water is better than no water!

While you're thanking yourself, give your back an extra few pats for including sunscreen in the kit. It might be a while before a tow truck gets to you.

Phone Charger
Having a spare phone charger stored in your glove box is always a good idea nowadays, but extra important in case of emergency when communication is your best resource. Also consider including a portable phone charger in case your car battery stops working.

Jumper Cables
Duh! These should always be in your trunk no matter what, but worth mentioning here as they have saved many peoples days!

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