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We believe every driver & vehicle should be as safe as possible when on the road. To this end, we have provided these tips on how to keep your car running well.

Not sure what size tires you currently have? We can help.


Tired of starting your day off with ice scraping? We were too.

Reduce the unpleasant effects of hot air building up in your car.


Spend dozens now to save hundreds later.

It's the most dangerous season for driving, but it doesn't have to be for everyone.


Winter is coming, are you and your family as safe as you can be on the road?

Where are these laws in place, who does this new law affect and what will violations cost you?


Different tires have different pressure requirements in different times of year. Learn how to properly check and inflate your tires.

Driving on wet roads can be dangerous, even more so if you are not avoiding this one simple piece of advice.


For us Canadians who deal with all kinds of precipitation, knowing how to replace your windsheild wiper blades is a must!

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Find Tire Size

Icy Windshields

Beat The Heat

Oil Changes

Winter Driving

Winter Tires

Crossover Law

Change Wipers

Tire Pressure


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